The year is 1412 Mirtul 3. The planet has been in a heavy state of warfare for the past 300+ years. Old alliances have been shattered and new ones forged. Yikitaran cities still dominate the atmosphere, but with renewed respect for the races below them. Cities only travel tandem now with heavy reinforcements. The Inigaglarit have been nearly wiped off the planet and those left have become slaves to various masters. The Melekhai hold their borders as strongly as ever, though many clans have risen and fallen since the portals have opened. The ACS has joined with the cities from Caradoon to the tip of the world where Slakender lies. The Ghormacks have slowly expanded their swamps and have fed off the decay of the wars. Their bloodlines grow stronger and people speak of a time when the will show their might. Morlocks continue to dominate the mountain skies, though in fewer numbers. Many from the Arctic territory massed an attack on the ascendant city of Zep’Tha’Rum and commandeered it to ferry nearly half their population to another world many say was nearly uninhabited. Those left behind took powerful sponsors and some are rumored to have sided with the Yikitari. Zinthan has been moving closer in the past 200 years and is now having a dramatic effect on gravity and the inhabitants of Geist. The comet now passes the planet every three days. Borders, feuds and alliances may have changed, but to those who try to make a life on the planet Geist, nothing has changed for a very long time.

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