Nal, Lord of the Vharukee

Nal is the current leader of both the Shreiker and Vharukee colonies of the Crag Canyons


He is well known as the fist-ever ambassador for the Vharukee and Shreiker colonies located in the Crag Canyons. It is said he trades regularly and illegally (by Hou‘s admission) with the Khaasta not only in the southern region of the Hemisphere, but in the actual cities of Hou as well. He has been seen wearing traditional Palantian garb so this implies he has constant relations. He single-handedly forged the Soocase accord which allowed for the first peace treaty with a non-Vharukee/Shreiker group. He is said to be incredibly charming and diplomatic and is a self-proclaimed “pro-multracial”, implying he wants peace between the races of Geist. Hou has placed a bounty of the entire city of Hou’Tast up for grabs for anyone who can bring him to the Glass Throne in the heart of Hou’Caw.


Nal, Lord of the Vharukee

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