Kren the Sorcerer

Sorcerer and Apothocarian


Rarely seen out around the city, this Sorcerer of Saun is running a shop out of the Yikar District that sells potion, powders and the like. His prices are exhorbant and his attitude is short. People believe he could leave the city at any time, but chooses to stay for some unknown reason.

He cloaks himself purposely in every sense of the word. There have been rumours surrounding Kren for as long as anyone remembers hearing his name and yet talking about the magician never seems to go out of fashion. Some kanem shops are now going so far as to ban his name to avoid the the eyes of desertdraggers. Many bits of gossip have been floating around the city for decades. Some take these pieces as small bites of truth.

It is said he lays with men, that he may not even be an palantian human at all but in fact a sartian and some swear that he is “flasher” and he directly controls many of hou’caw’s elite and wealthy. The shop he runs is aptly named “the cloaked apothecary” and is the only known supplier of potions, salves and powders of the magical and non medicinal variety. Most of day and night, kren employs female human slaves to run his shop, save for one hour. During the sunrise he is always running his shop. Many choose to wait for this time as he is known to produce previously unavailable goods during this time.


Kren the Sorcerer

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