Galactic slave trader


Hou is a Fraician, possibly the only one known to exist. Being of this race, he could live for another thousand years or so to the dismay of most in the galaxy.

Role in the Galaxy

He trades far more slaves than anyone else in the galaxy, sometimes moving entire cities of beings into the hands of a contract. Not only does he trade slaves, but he also trades monsters and animals aswell. In the past 400 years, he and his “architects” have been attempting to create monster/humanoid cross breeds or magical splices with varying success.


On the planet Geist, there are three cities named after the Fracian: Hou’Caw, Hou’Nal and Hou’Tast. There are many more cities with these names on other planets throughout the galaxy. People say there are up to four other mirrored sets of cities on other worlds. All of these cities exist within the largest deserts on all of the planets to acommodate his cold-bloodedness. This also allows him to feel more secure as the desert is a difficult place to march an army over. As well, large deserts are perfect places fill with monsters.

Common Knowledge

Hou never travels without a small army of slave-warriors, controlled telepathically. Known as “The Untouchable”, he controls almost all activity within his borders. The head dress he wears is a Morlock skull and this is not his preferred wardrobe, but it tells anyone who looks at him or his effigy that not even the might of a [[Morlock]] frightens him. Three Morlocks reside within Hou’Caw, Geist, which makes this is also a tactic of intimidation. Hou is in league with the Yikitari, for whom he provides all the slaves they require.



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