• Alausa


    Alausa is a Desert Runner and degenerate gambler.
  • Algoras the Joonmaster

    Algoras the Joonmaster

    The Joonmaster for the SouthWest Avarium and Master Joon Egg-Rearer
  • Barkot, Leader of the Hou sect of Raiflin Vanguard

    Barkot, Leader of the Hou sect of Raiflin Vanguard

    Battle hardened, life hardened, humorless ex-Melekhai who despises those not loyal to Hou
  • Doctor Dalby

    Doctor Dalby

    A surgeon for hire
  • Doorem


    Democratically appointed leader of the city Neelak, Chair of the Priory of Scion
  • Haleel


    Haleel runs the Luck house in the South of Sunasee
  • Hou


    Galactic slave trader
  • Jijetma, the  tailor

    Jijetma, the tailor

    Known as the "tailor of all". If this half-dead man can't produce it, he'll have someone else do it for him and charge you and arm and a leg. He specializes in worm silk.
  • Justice Arbiter

    Justice Arbiter

    This sadistic man (if you call him one), is Hous' appointed judge, juror and executioner of the city of Hou'Caw.
  • Kimbo, the Archvanguard

    Kimbo, the Archvanguard

    Runs the sunasee and Carala districts' Vanguard forces. Like the other Arch Vanguard, he has been given more emotional control over himself and can be found in many of the cities smoke shops. Likes to keep to himself and has a habit of getting into fights
  • Kren the Sorcerer

    Kren the Sorcerer

    Sorcerer and Apothocarian
  • Nal, Lord of the Vharukee

    Nal, Lord of the Vharukee

    Nal is the current leader of both the Shreiker and Vharukee colonies of the Crag Canyons
  • Plector


    Plector runs the Death Contract House
  • Sanaz


    Local tattooist and dominatrix
  • Telstac


    This man runs the Avarium Proper for Algoras
  • Ufnaleleem


    A "Day Worker" and Tattooist for Sanaz at Obedient Passion
  • Wasner the beggar

    Wasner the beggar

    Pitifully dragging his dry husk from shade to shade..