Dusty Pockets

Zylars Journal - Mirtul 3 , 1412

_-The day started as usual … ended my shift and went away to where no Vanguard or anyone else would bother me .. Carala 9. I was meeting Darius and of course Liriel for some good talk with good people. A sandstorm was starting up and the only other beings in there ( a group of 5 Kavalas) looked like they might take off … i like it better that way , me darius and liriel can talk a little more openly. Of course Hethem is allways there but who knows if he remembers what anyone is saying hes so out there. Just as it looks like there about to leave a group of 8 Irilians came in and started going after the Kavalas. Liriel heard them say no witness and let me and darius know we had a fight on our hands. All im thinking is we need to get out of here before the vanguard get here. -_We kill the 8 fairly easily when a new assailaint enters with 11 Naceers. Darius and Liriel did well but i ended up almost losing a arm. After the carnage had cleared and Darius helped bandage me up , we went outside to find Lirirel atop of a man with the Black Cloth symbol. I knew the vanguard would be here so and didnt have time to talk to the man so i asked Lirirel to let him go. Had i known they were members of the Black cloth i would have treated this matter a little differently. I told Darius and Lirirel to get out of there and i would meet them there again in a few days time. I waited till no one was looking and levitated to a roof top and hid my personal swords from the vanguard. I knew they were close , so the whole time i waited i thought of a lie that didnt implicate my friends at all and made me look like sort of a hero ( killing 8 black cloth members singlehandly .. or so they thought). Then Justice Arbiter came ( the fat slob that he is ) and he believed me story and hung on every word of it. (20). I guess now ill sit and heal up and wait till i get to see my friends again … i hope they are doing well.


ya man, good jobbie.

Zylars Journal - Mirtul 3 , 1412

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