Dusty Pockets

Zylars Journal 1412 Mirtul 9

What a night so far! The day started with me getting another “secret” mission from that disgusting justice arbitor. i was suppose to go collect a debt for him from a dead man “maz’ul” and my friends and i were also to attend a secret meeting of the black cloth. when we got to maz’ul’s hole the screechers started attacking the city … so not only did we battle maz’ul and kremdeps friends but also schreechers to boot. after getting the money owed and the heart of kremdep ( justice arbitor wanted 1 or the other so we figure give him the heart and we keep the coin) we headed towards our meeting at the luckhouse. when we got there we were surprised to find it was a celebration for the black cloth and also that the screecher attack was part of a plan that we would hold a crucial part of. Liriel did the black cloth a favor by eliminating a traitor to the black cloth in only a fashion that she could. Darius put money on himself that he would win in the ring and surely did not dissapoint. we were told that we would have to eliminate a turret tower while the screechers attacked and then lead a bunch of screechers thru secret tunnels to another part of town. i was also told that i will no longer be a vangaurd and that i must see the black cloths alterationist to get a new appearance so that no one will reconize me. so here i sit .. the doctors all done and i cant say im 100% happy with my appearance but i am happy with the visions i had while under the knife but that is for another journal entry .. i can hear my friends and i am anxious to see there reactions to their “new” friend



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