Dusty Pockets

Liriel's Love Notes - Quentic Zuulum, Mirtul 5

Dear Liriel, ...went to find you the other night, (Ive been a naughty Vanguard!) and you weren’t at Sanaz’s? It’s such a pity, for the long day shift had me weary and wanting of you. Sanaz offered another of the girls…Faihjwra…but my beaten body belongs only to you…my beautiful Black widow. No matter..i was called back due to an incident at a smoke shop in Carala…looks like the black cloth attacked another Vanguard while off duty…took a bit out of the fellow(much like our relationship, my Despicable dealer of Pain) but he survived…just hope you were not anywhere near there…not a place id wish you to be…but im rambling on now….i have another day shift today…but i will be off at dusk…shall i expect punishment for this foolish letter? I can only hope….your cuts leave marks no man can forget so soon… Your Obedient Slave, Quentic of the Raiflin Guard


Me guess is, sometimes de night-time isn’t de right-time


ps. thats from Adam sandlers audio skit, “the cult”. heh


ohhhh .... Liriel has a crush


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